Fundación Europa Paz

Fundación Europa Paz
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Fundación Europa Paz

The Europa Paz Foundation (FEP) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to global health. We help the world's neediest people recover from violent conflict and natural disasters.

The FEP provides emergency aid, medicines and medical equipment to rural places where health services are limited or non-existent. 


At FEP we believe that everyone deserves a healthy and healthy life. Violent conflict and natural disasters leave rural communities devastated and unable to escape poverty or access medical services. Without health, people cannot live in peace and harmony, and our mission is to focus our full potential to ensure a basic level of well-being through health services.

Our work involves collaboration with local actors and international cooperation. We are also seeking agreements with governments and the private sector to obtain and supply low-cost generic drugs for emergency aid and relief efforts. The FEP works with local partners, non-profit organizations, diplomatic missions and pharmaceutical companies to defend the universal right to health of all people, regardless of their origin, race, sex, age or religion.

The FEP does the following:

  • We offer first aid, medicines and medical equipment for areas affected by conflict and natural disasters
  • We rehabilitate health services through health stations with professional medical personnel to supply vaccines, medications, first aid and provide post-traumatic counseling.
  • We ensure the provision of low-cost generic drugs for relief and emergency work.